Poster Design and Exhibition Promotion


I feel I have played quite a significant role in the promotion of our class exhibition for this unit in that I have organised and ran most of the social media in order to promote our show as well as organised our class email to ensure images of peoples work and progress are sent to the promotion team to use. I have also played a large part in collecting and organising poster designs Continue reading “Poster Design and Exhibition Promotion”

Test prints

After many thumbnail sketches I came to a conclusion for a series of prints for my final piece, I decided to create a small test print of one of the designs (above) to make sure it would turn out how I wanted it to look. I then went in on photoshop to experiment with colours, I feel the pose of the character fills the page well and makes him appear quite charismatic, which seems to be a common trait in the blues players I researched; I think that the blue on yellow works best in terms of colour scheme and will most likely go for this design for my final pieces though I may experiment with different shades to what I have here.


I recently have been struggling with composition in particular, I have found it difficult to decide how to portray blues music in just three images. Through experimentation I have looked at whole crowds, a small group or just an individual within the composition and have found it difficult to come to a final decision for my final piece. I am currently drawing many thumbnails in my sketchbook to help decide on a design and composition of the design and feel this is really helpful with me moving forward with this project.

Poster Workshop

FINAL FOR PRINT As part of a poster workshop in class we had to create a poster design the reflected our own individual projects for this unit. I decided for my poster that I would work with lino cutting as it has become my primary method of creating work and felt it fitting and reflective of my current project. I experimented with a range of thumbnail sketches before deciding on this design, I feel that the blue hands help balance the black and white of the rest of the image and also breaks up the test which overall I feel works quite successfully. Given the amount of time for this project I feel I created a successful poster that is bold and reflective of my subject matter for this unit.

Self Promotional Piece


For my final promotional piece I created a series of four ‘underwater’ themed lino prints in a hand made envelope. I feel that due to these being original prints makes them more unique and less of a ‘throwaway’ item. Overall I feel these prints work well and the matching envelope adds a unique, quirky touch to the work.

Fish Type

img_20170131_0001  img_20170131_0002  img_20170131_0003  img_20170131_0004

I created a series of lino prints that depict images of fish that also spell out the word ‘fish’ almost like a fish styled typography, I feel these prints work well with bright, bold primary colours that contrast nicely and mimic the boldness of the carved lines and are also quite comical however I have decided against using these as my final pints that I would send off as a self promotional piece. I decided against them as I feel the range of image is quite restricted in that all four prints are quite similar, I do not feel that this series of prints successfully represents my work and my abilities to potential employers. I have decided to instead create a series of prints with a wider range of subject matter, looking more into ‘underwater’ as a theme rather than just ‘fish’, I would also like to experiment more with two colour prints as I feel they would be more interesting to work with.