I recently have been struggling with composition in particular, I have found it difficult to decide how to portray blues music in just three images. Through experimentation I have looked at whole crowds, a small group or just an individual within the composition and have found it difficult to come to a final decision for my final piece. I am currently drawing many thumbnails in my sketchbook to help decide on a design and composition of the design and feel this is really helpful with me moving forward with this project.

Poster Workshop

FINAL FOR PRINT As part of a poster workshop in class we had to create a poster design the reflected our own individual projects for this unit. I decided for my poster that I would work with lino cutting as it has become my primary method of creating work and felt it fitting and reflective of my current project. I experimented with a range of thumbnail sketches before deciding on this design, I feel that the blue hands help balance the black and white of the rest of the image and also breaks up the test which overall I feel works quite successfully. Given the amount of time for this project I feel I created a successful poster that is bold and reflective of my subject matter for this unit.

Self Promotional Piece


For my final promotional piece I created a series of four ‘underwater’ themed lino prints in a hand made envelope. I feel that due to these being original prints makes them more unique and less of a ‘throwaway’ item. Overall I feel these prints work well and the matching envelope adds a unique, quirky touch to the work.

Fish Type

img_20170131_0001  img_20170131_0002  img_20170131_0003  img_20170131_0004

I created a series of lino prints that depict images of fish that also spell out the word ‘fish’ almost like a fish styled typography, I feel these prints work well with bright, bold primary colours that contrast nicely and mimic the boldness of the carved lines and are also quite comical however I have decided against using these as my final pints that I would send off as a self promotional piece. I decided against them as I feel the range of image is quite restricted in that all four prints are quite similar, I do not feel that this series of prints successfully represents my work and my abilities to potential employers. I have decided to instead create a series of prints with a wider range of subject matter, looking more into ‘underwater’ as a theme rather than just ‘fish’, I would also like to experiment more with two colour prints as I feel they would be more interesting to work with.

Individual Report – Freelance Illustration

Having the opportunity to interview Lizzie Christian (Rare Press) and gather research on the topic of freelance illustration left me feeling inspired to work in this way in the future, I learnt from her the art of making and selling your own products and designs online to make a living and the importance of keeping your social media up to date to keep followers and fans of your work interested. From talking to Lizzie Christian I discovered how influential and important social media can be as a platform to push your work further and get it out into the world, the number of likes and comments certain photos get allow her to know which designs will sell best and what to push forward into a product; comments also allow for feedback to help her to develop her ideas and to know which designs work well and which do not. Continue reading “Individual Report – Freelance Illustration”

Editorial Project


As part of an editorial task for a cycling magazine, which was assigned at university, I decided to create a lino printed illustration to respond to an article.
The article in which I was responding to featured a story of some cyclists battling against the harsh weather of thunder and snow to complete the journey they set out to finish. This piece was created by printing a black lino carving then scanning the print into PhotoShop and editing in the bright yellow to contrast the lightning which I feel is what really brings the piece together.