Exhibition Open Night


The open night for our illustration show ‘out of the blue’ went really well, everyone’s work looked great and the turnout was incredible. Thank you and congratulations to my peers and everyone who was involved.


Blues Print

2 musicians final After experimenting on Photoshop with my illustrations throughout this unit, for my zine to showcase my work, I created this illustration. To make this piece I combined the characters from my first final piece of a series of three blues musicians into one image, I feel the composition of this piece works really well and fills the page nicely. The minimal colour palette helps to keep the viewers focus on the composition and subject matter of the image which I feel is the focal point. I have decided to add this illustration as a secondary final piece for the exhibition unit in my portfolio as I feel it shows development from my previous final piece and overall I feel is more successful.

Final prints for exhibition

final piece 3 of 3      final piece 2 of 3      final piece 1 of 3

Above are my final illustrations for print to go into my courses year 2 exhibition. These pieces are printed as a series on A3 matte paper to be hung up for the show, to create this series I carved and printed 3 A4 lino prints which I then scanned in an digitally manipulated to add colour ready for printing. Overall I feel they work quite well together particularly as a series, I would like to further experiment with these illustrations for my portfolio work.

Final Prints


I have been creating a series of lino prints as part of my final piece for the exhibition, with these prints I will being using Photoshop to digitally edit and add colour to them to then have them printed at A3 to be hung for the exhibition. I feel these lino cuts have worked well compositionally and have a good amount of detail that will still work well when blown up to an A3 size. I look forward to completing this series ready for the show.

Poster Design and Exhibition Promotion


I feel I have played quite a significant role in the promotion of our class exhibition for this unit in that I have organised and ran most of the social media in order to promote our show as well as organised our class email to ensure images of peoples work and progress are sent to the promotion team to use. I have also played a large part in collecting and organising poster designs Continue reading “Poster Design and Exhibition Promotion”

Test prints

After many thumbnail sketches I came to a conclusion for a series of prints for my final piece, I decided to create a small test print of one of the designs (above) to make sure it would turn out how I wanted it to look. I then went in on photoshop to experiment with colours, I feel the pose of the character fills the page well and makes him appear quite charismatic, which seems to be a common trait in the blues players I researched; I think that the blue on yellow works best in terms of colour scheme and will most likely go for this design for my final pieces though I may experiment with different shades to what I have here.


I recently have been struggling with composition in particular, I have found it difficult to decide how to portray blues music in just three images. Through experimentation I have looked at whole crowds, a small group or just an individual within the composition and have found it difficult to come to a final decision for my final piece. I am currently drawing many thumbnails in my sketchbook to help decide on a design and composition of the design and feel this is really helpful with me moving forward with this project.