Circles in the sand.


A flipbook animation, drawing in black and white using black pen. It depicts a small yet memorable moment for me whilst away with friends of us drawing circles in the sand with our feet. This piece captures a moment in time, now for anyone to see.

A video clip of this flipbook is yet to come.

The 3rd and Final Year



I am now coming into my 3rd and final year of my illustration degree and am kicking it off with a summer project brief in which I must create a flip book animation. As a quick starting point I created this basic dot animation of 70 frames (the same number of images required for the flip book) to get back into the groove of animated illustration and to help remind myself of how to use photoshop to create an animation.

Blues Print

2 musicians final After experimenting on Photoshop with my illustrations throughout this unit, for my zine to showcase my work, I created this illustration. To make this piece I combined the characters from my first final piece of a series of three blues musicians into one image, I feel the composition of this piece works really well and fills the page nicely. The minimal colour palette helps to keep the viewers focus on the composition and subject matter of the image which I feel is the focal point. I have decided to add this illustration as a secondary final piece for the exhibition unit in my portfolio as I feel it shows development from my previous final piece and overall I feel is more successful.

Final prints for exhibition

final piece 3 of 3      final piece 2 of 3      final piece 1 of 3

Above are my final illustrations for print to go into my courses year 2 exhibition. These pieces are printed as a series on A3 matte paper to be hung up for the show, to create this series I carved and printed 3 A4 lino prints which I then scanned in an digitally manipulated to add colour ready for printing. Overall I feel they work quite well together particularly as a series, I would like to further experiment with these illustrations for my portfolio work.

Final Prints


I have been creating a series of lino prints as part of my final piece for the exhibition, with these prints I will being using Photoshop to digitally edit and add colour to them to then have them printed at A3 to be hung for the exhibition. I feel these lino cuts have worked well compositionally and have a good amount of detail that will still work well when blown up to an A3 size. I look forward to completing this series ready for the show.