vibe 1.jpg

So recently I have been a little neglectful of this blog as I’ve been focusing all my energy into this project, above is a screenshot from one of the scenes of my animation about sex toys! Though this is a slow process I am optimistic about this project and hope my final animation is educational and amusing for young people and those looking for sources of information about sex!


Experimenting with animating

I decided in preparation for my final major project that I would like to experiment more with animation as this is a possible route that I would like to explore in my final project at uni. I feel this little flame came out quite well and I think with some practice this is something I could further pursue.

Aunt Flow

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My final project of 2017 was a very exciting one for me! I got to work with the amazing Aunt Flow, : https://www.auntflow.org/ . I created this series of promotional illustrations for their social media promoting their company and menstrual products, I really enjoyed working with them and hope to work with many more companies in the New Year!

Sherlock Holmes Development

Twisted Lip 2 JPEG

I have further developed my lino print/digital designs by adding context through found imagery and collage. I feel that the mask design works particularly well in adding context to the image and is also successful compositionally, I feel this composition and design needs to be replicated in my other designs (unfortunately I am unable to upload an image of this complete design before the competition opens). My coins design clearly does not have the same visual impact and I think this needs to be worked on or redesigned; I would also like to create a more dynamic looking set of coins rather than a straight up and down stack as I feel this will give the design more movement and overall make it more visually appealing.

Feeling Halloween-y

spoopy catwerewolf









I’ve been doing lots of Halloween illustrations recently, they’re just so fun to draw I can’t help myself and it’s a good excuse to practice my digital skills. I have been experimenting a bit more with texture, light and shadows in my digital drawing to help give some dimension, though I think I am improving I definitely need to continue practicing.