Fish Type

img_20170131_0001  img_20170131_0002  img_20170131_0003  img_20170131_0004

I created a series of lino prints that depict images of fish that also spell out the word ‘fish’ almost like a fish styled typography, I feel these prints work well with bright, bold primary colours that contrast nicely and mimic the boldness of the carved lines and are also quite comical however I have decided against using these as my final pints that I would send off as a self promotional piece. I decided against them as I feel the range of image is quite restricted in that all four prints are quite similar, I do not feel that this series of prints successfully represents my work and my abilities to potential employers. I have decided to instead create a series of prints with a wider range of subject matter, looking more into ‘underwater’ as a theme rather than just ‘fish’, I would also like to experiment more with two colour prints as I feel they would be more interesting to work with.


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